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Welcome to SkipsHotel Hindeloopen

The Skipshotel is located at the Jachthaven Hindeloopen marina on the IJsselmeer and on the outskirts of the characteristic old village of Hindeloopen. Come to stay in one of our fully equipped apartments. If you prefer something a little more basic, you can opt for one of our dormettes.

Our hotel is located within a cosy and multi-faceted marina. It is situated in a top location directly on the IJsselmeer lake, and on the outskirts of the characteristic old village of Hindeloopen, which it is named after. The marina is the ideal departure point for sailing trips to various towns along the IJsselmeer, such as Enkhuizen, Workum and Stavoren. After passing through the locks of Konwerderzand, you can also easily access the Frisian Islands.

Hindeloopen is one of the Friese Elfsteden (Frisian Eleven Towns) and is known for its stylish traditional costume, the typical Hindeloopen decorative way of painting, the characteristic gables, likhúsjes (small houses), its many wooden bridges, and of course the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Towns Tour). The Hindelooper culture has been acknowledged as intangible cultural heritage since 2013


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